Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What's Your Solution? Introducing Solutions That Stick.

Need help navigating life's annoying little moments? I'm talking everything from a bra that doesn't seem to fit right to icky deodorant stains on your clothing. Well, Solutions That Stick is here to help.

Solutions That Stick was created by Kim Leone Olenicoff Castellano, a former attorney who started this whole business by selling Garment Guard (the first disposable arm shields). To date, the company offers over 25 clever ways to deal with life's annoying little isues! Here are a few of my favorite products from the line.

Solutions That Stick, Solutions That Stick Brah! Extender, bra extender
Brah! Extender ($6.95): I've unfortunately put on a little weight in the past year, and some of my bras just don't fit the way they used to. Enter these little miracle workers! These two-hook wonders attach to the hooks on a bra band and give you a little extra breathing room. They come in white, nude and black, so they work for a variety of bras -- and just make me feel a little bit better every day.

Solutions That Stick, Solutions That Stick Skid Out
Skid Out ($4.95): SUCH a miracle worker. The little black erasers remove everything from deodorant stains to makeup smudges and even toothpaste! I think we've all had the unfortunate experience of putting on a top after our deodorant and noticing those pesky white marks. Well, a few whisks with these sponges and those marks are gone for good! I even tried them on silk and it was good as new.

Solutions That Stick, Solutions That Stick Fashion First Aid, Solutions That Stick Garment Guard, Solutions That Stick Pocksie, Solutions That Stick Quick Fix Sticks, Solutions That Stick White Collar Grime, Solutions That Stick Wundercover, Solutions That Stick Strap Trap, Solutions That Stick Skid Out
Fashion First Aid ($49.95): This kit contains seven lifesaving essentials that every girl on the go needs. You'll get the brand's first-ever product, Garment Guard (5 pairs), Pocksie (6 temporary sticky pockets), Quick Fix Sticks (48 pieces of adhesive wardrobe remedies), Wundercover (48 pieces of tattoo covers and blister preventers), White Collar Grime (10' roll of collar and hat protectors), Strap Trap (3 racerback bra clips) and Skid Out (2 sponges). Isn't that just fabulous?

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