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Salon and Spa Directory: DreamDry

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There's a new blowout bar in town, and it's pretty darn amazing. Or, as Rachel Zoe would say, it's BANANAS. Why the Rachel Zoe reference, you might ask? Because DreamDry, this fabulous new salon, is her creation!

DreamDry is exquisitely designed. The space is created in sleek, chic black and white. Each blowout station is more than adequately sized, so you don't feel like you're on top of the person getting a blowout next to you. And the entire salon is deceptively large -- there are so many blowout stations, and the washing stations are tucked into a corner in the back. (Side note: The washing stations have some EXTREMELY comfortable armchairs to relax in while your hair is being washed and conditioned to perfection.) I also love the reception area, which is festooned with a black and white zigzag floor and luxuriously plush velvet couches.

But it's the blowouts themselves that really make DreamDry so fabulous. The Style Menu is available on an iPad at each station -- so cool and of-the-moment, right? -- and you can choose from the following blowout styles:

Farrah: soft, loose waves
Sophia: luxurious volume and curl
Ali: straight and sleek
Veronica: retro polished waves
Brigitte: sexy undone volume
Audrey (Undone): a textured topknot
Audrey (Polished): a high sleek bun
Audrey (With A Twist): a modern chignon
Pony (Sleek): a sleek, sophisticated ponytail
Pony (Undone): a low, messy ponytail with lots of volume
The Braid: neat or messy, it's your choice!
Juliette: a waterfall braid

As you can see, there are many options -- and I love that they're named after iconic celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, Veronica Lake and Brigitte Bardot. But not only are there many variations of blowouts to choose from ... there are so many different styling options, too! Observe:

The Blowout ($40): Your typical treatment, which includes a shampoo, scalp massage and blowout.
Express Style ($30): A dry style which refreshes your hair at any time of day. No washing, just a light dusting of dry shampoo.
Braids & Ponys ($20): Dry style only.
Pinup ($40 with wash, $20 without): Any updo.
Little Ones ($30): Blowouts for girls 10 and under.
Oribe Treatment ($20): A super rich, reparative treatment for your hair. (I experienced this during my appointment and it's AMAZING -- you get a prolonged scalp massage and then you wait 10 minutes for the treatment to sink into your hair. I took a little disco nap!)

My stylist was Sonia -- who, as it turns out, used to be my stylist at Blow! She's amazing -- she really listens to what you want and is a master at creating gorgeous blowouts. I went with the Sophia, since I was going out that night and wanted something a bit more fabulous than my normal super straight 'do. Sonia really took her time blowing out each and every strand on my head, even working with the baby hairs close to my scalp so that they wouldn't turn into crazy flyaways throughout the night. She worked in sections and then pinned them back up to my head, which was a technique I hadn't seen before. After finishing with the blowdryer, Sonia started in with the curling iron -- a wide-barrel one, to create the big curls and waves for the Sophia. When she was done? I looked like this:

DreamDry, DreamDry salon, Rachel Zoe, salon, Salon and Spa Directory, blowout, hair, blow out, Jamie Allison Sanders
Amazing, huge, GORGEOUS curls that lasted throughout the night and into the next day with barely any hairspray! This was definitely one of my favorite salon experiences from start to finish -- everyone was so friendly and accommodating, and I walked out with unbelievably gorgeous hair!

As Rachel Zoe would say, I DIE.

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