Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So Rosy: The Body Shop Wild Rose Caring Hand Wash

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In my youth, I was a classical pianist. I was actually pretty good -- I used to win competitions -- but, for the most part, I really just loved playing show tunes and belting them out simultaneously. One classical piece that I just adored, though, was To A Wild Rose by Edward MacDowell. It was just a simple, beautiful melody that came easily to me and I could play over and over again (probably to the annoyance of my mom and brother, who had to hear it so many times!). In any case, I couldn't help thinking of that piece when I started using The Body Shop Wild Rose Caring Hand Wash.

I've always been a fan of roses. I know they might be cliche, but how could you not love the flower that symbolizes romance -- especially since they smell so beautiful? So this hand wash is definitely right up my alley. True to form, it smells exactly like roses -- not cloying, not overpowering, just beautiful and lovely. And, even better, the rich, creamy formula is extremely moisturizing, so my dry and cracked hands are definitely feeling the love.

Now I just have to dig out my old piano music and reacquaint myself with Mr. MacDowell.

The Body Shop Wild Rose Caring Hand Wash retails for $10 at

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