Monday, April 1, 2013

Get On Base: Essie First Base Base Coat

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I've long been loyal to CND Stickey. But in recent months, another base coat has entered my life -- and it's Essie First Base Base Coat.

I had been intrigued by this base coat for awhile, so I picked it up during a recent trip to Ricky's. It just glides onto the nail and dries instantly. It's a wonderful foundation for your nails and keeps them from stripping when you're taking nail polish off. Plus, I love the pretty, spring-appropriate green hue!

This base coat helps nail polish to adhere to the nail and stick for an extended amount of time. I wasn't sure if I would believe it, until my last few manicures each lasted an entire week without chipping! We're talking no tip wear, no chips of any kind -- just gorgeous, long-wearing color. And this is from multiple brands, too!

In short? If you're looking for a new favorite base coat, I'd say this is it.

Essie First Base Base Coat retails for $8 at

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