Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Make a Mint: Bliss Super Minty Soap 'n Scrub

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Want to really revitalize your shower -- and yourself? Reach for a tube of Bliss Super Minty Soap 'n Scrub.

The cult favorite from Bliss, the Bliss Mammoth Minty Scrub Soap, has been transformed into this zingy, refreshing scrub. Trust me when I tell you it's bound to leave behind soft skin and a renewed zest for life!

Peppermint and jojoba beads blend together to create a tingly, exfoliating experience. I like to use this scrub after I've lathered up with body wash -- it's a great way to get rid of any lingering dryness. And it's definitely super minty!

Bliss Super Minty Soap 'n Scrub retails for $32 at blissworld.com.

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