Thursday, July 11, 2013

How My Love of Beauty Began

With my mom as she perfected my makeup for The King And I
When I was 4 years old, I played the Youngest Royal Child in a production of The King And I at the Gallery Players in Columbus. It was my first time on stage -- and my first time wearing loads and LOADS of stage makeup. I had to become one of the Siamese Royal children!

I remember going with my mom to a session where we learned how to put on the makeup. Think pancake makeup, eyeshadow, lipstick and TONS of black liquid eyeliner. There was so much makeup to put on, in fact, that they gave us a worksheet printed front and back with directions. And while most people may have been overwhelmed by the sheer number of products and steps this look would take, I was immediately fascinated.

From that moment on, I always loved getting to put on tons of makeup for stage productions. It was so fun to transform myself completely into someone else -- and to use beauty products to do it. But I credit my role in The King And I with beginning my love of beauty. Who knows where I would be if I hadn't done that show? And as you can see from the photo above, this look really did entail using a LOT of makeup. Maybe not so fun for my mom every night (for a whopping 20 performances), but I sure loved it!

How did your love of beauty begin? Let me know in the comments!


  1. So great to relive that experience!

  2. Wowwww. I enjoyed reading your post at the same time I regret that I was not urged by my parents to 'prettify' myself. LOL for creating weird words. I am so sorry. Anyway I love your blog.