Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Salon and Spa Directory: MiniLuxe

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Want to get your nails done in a flash -- but have them look amazing? Then head to any of the Boston-based locations of nail salon MiniLuxe, stat.

MiniLuxe is one of those nail salons that just immediately puts you at ease. First off, it's CLEAN -- the technicians make sure to wash the counters and pedicure tubs after every single client. On my visits to both the Brookline and Wellesley locations, I was impressed with the level of cleanliness and attention to hygiene. In crisp white, the space is also super sleek.

But it's the polish selection and the level of service that really blow me away. The polish wall at each location is staggering and includes countless bottles from Zoya, Essie, OPI and the salon's eponymous line. The color selection is stunning -- every pink and red you can possibly imagine, not to mention bold hues like grey, purple and blue. They make sure to stock all the latest collections from each brand, so you know you're getting the coolest, freshest colors.

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MiniLuxe Luxe Slate -- the color I picked on my last visit. Isn't this color divine?

And then it's time for the actual treatments! Whether you choose a Color Refresh ($12 for fingers, $20 for toes) or the luxe PerfectSense Paraffin Pedicure ($60 for 60 minutes), you can rest assured your nails will leave the salon in tip-top shape. On my latest visit, I was especially impressed with the Color Refresh, which included a shaping, buffing and leg massage. Not too shabby, considering it only took 20 minutes and my toes looked amazing!

MiniLuxe is definitely worth a trip if you're ever in the Boston area. Because, really, who doesn't want her nails to look perfect in a flash?

For more information about MiniLuxe and to book an appointment, visit miniluxe.com.

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