Sunday, August 11, 2013

Zoya Presents Rory Nail Polish (My Name!)

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Recently, a box marked "ZOYA" appeared in my mailbox. I wasn't expecting anything. Jamie informed me that she was treating me to a special surprise. Inside ... an enticing bottle of shimmery mauve called "Rory." Someone at Zoya chose to name the polish RORY!

You know how you just can't help looking at souvenir items with names on them? I bet you've found some for yourselves. Rory is a different case. There are no license tags, car fobs, tees, shoelaces -- nothing with my name painted, etched or decorated. My son saved me from the dearth of Rory items by bringing back a tile from Ireland, except it's spelled Ruairi.

I love this Zoya product (beyond its name) for the ease of application, its glittery gold and silver sheen and smooth consistency. Rory retails for $8 at

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