Friday, December 27, 2013

Gettin' Figgy With It: Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Creme Body Wash

Laura Mercier, Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Creme Body Wash, body wash, shower gel
So here's the thing. I can't stand to only have one body wash in my shower. I like choices. At any given time, I probably have at least 13 body washes crammed into my (already overstuffed) shower caddy. That is, of course, before I discovered Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Wash Creme Body Wash.

Ever since this delightful body wash came into my life, I've found it increasingly difficult to want to pick up any other bottle. I find myself reaching for this one again and again, eschewing all others I've previously loved.

Maybe it's the rich, creamy formula. Maybe it's the unbelievably huge mass of bubbles and lather that only a dime-sized amount on a pouf creates. Maybe it's the combination of figs, apricot nectar and ylang ylang that create a deliciously indulgent aroma every time I open the bottle. Or, maybe, it's all three.

One thing's for certain. I'm making this choice over and over, with absolutely no regrets.

Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Creme Body Wash retails for $36 at


  1. Sounds like a wonderful product. If I had a bottle, I'd then have 3 body washes in the shower!

  2. I have many body washes, too. Some perfumed and a lot from philosophy.