Friday, January 10, 2014

Salon and Spa Directory: 'do Blow Dry Bar

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Anyone who knows me knows that having great hair is of the utmost importance in my life. And this is never more important than when I'm traveling. So when I was visiting family in Cleveland over the holidays, I simply had to check out Cleveland's very first salon focusing solely on blowouts, the one and only 'do Blow Dry Bar.

The space is very open and chic, done in white with touches of red and expansive deep brown wood floors. But what I really love is the hairdryers that hang down from the ceiling. And more than just being art installations, they're actually used in the blowouts! It's such a unique way to store and utilize them while at the same time making sure they're meant to be seen.

The salon has five different styles you can choose from:

The Beachy 'Do: Casual, effortless waves
The Sleek and Sassy 'Do: Super straight and sophisticated
The Curly Q 'Do: Lots of tight, shiny curls
The Diva 'Do: Big, loose curls with lots of volume
The 'Do By You: A customized blowout based on your vision

I went for the Sleek and Sassy 'Do during my appointment, and I was absolutely thrilled with the results. After a shampooing and conditioning with Aquage products, my stylist got down to work. He spent 45 minutes blowing out every single strand and flat ironing them to perfection. At the end, my hair was sleek, shiny and absolutely pin straight ... and I was thrilled!

'Do Blow Dry Bar, Cleveland, salon, hair salon, salon and spa directory, blowout bar, blowdry bar, hair treatment, Jamie Allison Sanders
Hair this pin straight deserves a huge smile! Love the Sleek and Sassy 'Do I received!

And here's the best part. Blowouts are only $35! If you're a regular blowout junkie (like I am), you can also purchase various memberships or packages. For more information about 'do Blow Dry Bar and to book an appointment, visit

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  1. Your hair looks terrific! And what a price. I'd go with the sleek option myself. :) xx