Monday, May 12, 2014

#ManiMonday: RGB Cosmetics Cerulean

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There are just those nail polish colors that speak to you, aren't there? You know which ones I'm talking about ... those colors you see and immediately need to try/buy/love/etc. Well, that's how I felt about RGB Cosmetics Cerulean.

It seems like I'd been wanting to try Cerulean for, well, forever. I'd definitely had my eye on it since it launched in Spring 2014 ... yes, A WHOLE YEAR! So when RGB recently ran a 40 percent off promotion (be sure to sign up for their emails, because they have sales on all of their gorgeous colors pretty frequently), I finally bit the bullet and ordered this gorgeous color. (Along with four others, but who's counting?)

The moment my order arrived and I opened up the box, I knew I was in love. The thing about RGB is that they name their polishes exactly right. Every one looks exactly how it sounds. So I knew I was in good hands (pardon the pun) with Cerulean, which is -- as one might expect -- cerulean. But what makes this gorgeous hue extra super special is the touch of metallic shimmer. It's just enough to give the color some depth, but not enough to completely overpower its natural beauty.

This polish definitely goes on smoothly and effortlessly. Two coats yielded almost perfect coverage -- the only patchiness is on my index finger, which could have used a little dollop of a third coat. But there are no streaks, no sheet marks, no smudges. Cerulean definitely packs a gorgeous punch.

What's on your nails right now? Let me know in the comments!

RGB Cosmetics Cerulean retails for $18 at

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