Friday, July 11, 2014

Salon and Spa Directory: Yoga Barn on Martha's Vineyard

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So, I'm going to preface this review by saying I'm not a regular yogi. I've done it enough to know the poses and be fairly good at them, but I don't practice daily (or, okay, even weekly). But if I could go to Yoga Barn every day? I'd be changing my tune.

While on the Vineyard for my first time this past week, I decided to drop by Yoga Barn for a session of Yin Yoga with Josh. (And by "decided," I mean that my best friend, Katie, made me do it.) Now, this meant waking up at the ungodly hour of 6:15, since the class started at 7. I tend to not open my eyes before 7:30 unless I HAVE to, so I already felt pretty dedicated and proud of myself just for getting out of bed. Katie had told me how amazing Yoga Barn was, but until I saw it for myself, I really couldn't wrap my brain around just HOW incredible the experience would be.

As the name may suggest, Yoga Barn is an actual barn. (During our class, a family of turkeys strolled by the window.) The space is HUGE -- there were a decent amount of people in the class, especially considering how early it was, and we had plenty of room to move around and not feel like we were on top of each other. Floor to ceiling windows and high ceilings give the space an open, airy feeling that just makes you WANT to do yoga all day long.

Yoga Barn, Martha's Vineyard, yoga, yogi, salon and spa directory, yoga class, travel, Vinyasa Yoga
The Summer 2014 class schedule for Yoga Barn.

We attended the 7am Yin Yoga class with Josh on Tuesday. This class focused on a longer amount of time spent in each pose so you could really continue to stretch your muscles and work your body to its fullest potential. We really worked our bodies hard -- from Downward Dog to Butterfly to my favorite, Child's Pose (mainly because it stretches out my always painful back, NOT because it's pretty darn easy), we got an amazing, zen-filled workout. This class was marketed as moderate level, which worried me a bit, but I was able to keep up.

The space is serene, peaceful and makes you feel like you could continue practicing yoga long after your class is over. I really didn't want to leave!

Every class at Yoga Barn is an hour and a half in length. Classes are $17 each or you can purchase a 10-pack for $140. For more information, visit

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