Friday, October 3, 2014

Fun Times with the Wendy's Frosty

My grandpa caught in one of his huge belly laughs.
Is there anyone in the world who doesn't love a good old fashioned Wendy's Frosty? (Especially when you dip your French fries into it?) Well, I am definitely completely enamored of the Frosty and always have been. They make me think of my grandfather, who I was very close with growing up (and sadly passed away last August at the age of 90).

My grandpa and I shared lots of Frostys over the years. He and my grandma would take my brother and me on "jaunts" every Saturday, which meant one of two things:

1) A trip to the bookstore, where I was allowed to pick out three books (as you might imagine, I had HUGE collections of The Babysitter's Club and Sweet Valley High)

2) A trip to the toy store, where I was allowed to get either 1 Barbie and 2 outfits or 2 Barbies

We would sometimes finish these jaunts with a trip to Wendy's, where we would enjoy fries and a cold Frosty. I can just hear my grandpa's voice exclaiming over how much he loved his Frosty!

Enjoying some time with my grandpa back in the 80's.
My grandpa's 92nd birthday would have been last weekend, and I can think of no better way to celebrate him than with a deliciously cold Frosty.

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