Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Chanel Gold Fiction Nail Polish

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Do you have a nail polish that speaks to you time and time again? One you keep going back to throughout the years, one that changed your life the moment you first laid eyes upon it? Well, for me, that color is Chanel Gold Fiction.

It was 2008 and I was working as the Copywriter for Bergdorf Goodman. I saw swatches of this limited edition color online and knew immediately that it had to be mine. Not only was the iconic Chanel nail polish bottle updated with an opaque outer coating, but the color inside was TO DIE FOR. I mean, really. Just look at that molten, liquid yellow gold fabulousness. I had nothing else like it in my collection, and I knew I'd never find another color to steal my heart like this one.

So I began stalking it. It sold out immediately online, and I couldn't find it ANYWHERE. Not any department store, not even on eBay. I must have gone to the Chanel counter at Bergdorf's at least 5 times, inquiring as to whether they might get in more bottles and to PLEASE let me know if they did.

And then, a miracle happened. On my 6th trip to Bergdorf's, THEY HAD THE POLISH IN STOCK. "Would you like the very last bottle?" the salesgirl asked me. "Um, YES!!!!!" I replied (as one might imagine, very excitedly). She disappeared into the back and returned holding the bottle you see above ... which, obviously, immediately became my most prized possession.

Now, just for full disclosure purposes, I will admit that I did not pay the full $30 retail for this bottle. Thanks to my 50% off discount as an employee of Bergdorf's, I only had to pay $15. But it is THE BEST $15 I ever spent.

I honestly can't imagine not owning this polish. I am very generous when it comes to sharing nail polish with my friends, but this is the one I hoard and refuse to let people use. I need the whole bottle for myself! I break it out for special events, and every time I do, I'm reminded of how much I love the color.

I'm just praying I never use up the entire bottle.

Let me know about your favorite nail polish of all time in the comments!


  1. That must have been fun to be copywriter at Bergdorf's! Years ago, I would get dressed up just to go shopping there. That gold is gorgeous. My favorite is Milani Ruby Jewels, a glittery red shade

  2. oh wow! Gorgeous shade and it was definitely your lucky day!

  3. That's a beautiful gold! I'm loving the look of the bottle. You certainly deserve it after six trips - enjoy it and I hope you find a replacement if you ever run out.

  4. That's such a pretty color! Hmm. I'm not sure if I have a favorite nail polish right now! It changes based on my mood, really.

  5. Chanel has so many vintage colors I'd love to get my hands on! This is one of them!

  6. That is one seriously gorgeous gold nail polish!

  7. Gorgeous! I'm pretty picky about golds, but this is a stunner!

  8. I love that kind of gold... it's such a great color. I love Chanel too :D