Monday, March 9, 2015

#ManiMonday: Jenna Hipp Wine Me, Dine Me

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Sometimes all the elements of a nail polish align to bring you one really fantastic color. And, in the case of Jenna Hipp Wine Me, Dine Me, that's exactly what happened.

This really is the perfect purple polish. It's rich, it's highly pigmented, it's a beautiful deep plum, it's opaque in two coats, it's highly glossy. Seriously, it's complete and utter perfection.

I also love that the bottle is miniature -- not only because it's adorable, but because it will be much easier for me to actually use it up!

What's on your nails right now? Let me know in the comments!

Jenna Hipp Wine Me, Dine Me is part of the What's Hot Now Spring Collection, which is available for $32 at


  1. This is the PERFECT purple shade! One of my favorites :)

  2. Love Jenna Hipp nail polishes! I have her first collection of mini polishes that I bought at Costco!

  3. What a very pretty purple! I don't have anything like that one

  4. good point on mini bottle, easy to consume!

  5. Love the purple creme! This is perfect for the Winter.

  6. Great shade- I love minis too!

  7. This is such a pretty purple... I have Jenna Hipp hand cream and LOVE IT!



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