Sunday, June 14, 2015

Make the Right Choice: Paula's Choice Skincare

Paula's Choice, PRIMP, Pretty In My Pocket, Paula's Choice Moisture Boost Collection, skincare, skin care
I've been obsessed with beauty for such a long time (read: since birth) that at this point I'm surprised I haven't tried every brand out there. But such was the case with Paula's Choice. I'd heard and read such rave reviews about this line for, well, forever ... but, until recently, had never tried any of the products for myself.

Well, now that's changed -- and let me just say, thank goodness! The moment I had the opportunity to experience these products was one that turned my life around. Overly dramatic? Maybe. Completely true? Definitely.

Paula's Choice, PRIMP, Pretty In My Pocket, Paula's Choice Moisture Boost Collection, skincare, skin care

Before trying out any products from Paula's Choice, I had a phone consultation with a representative from the brand to really make sure I was getting the products that were right for my skin. She and I spent about 15 minutes talking about my skin and my various concerns. I told her the following:

1) My skin tends to be quite dry and dehydrated, especially on the cheeks and forehead. I think this is mainly due to my frequent travel.

2) I have combination skin overall, with slight oiliness on the nose and chin and some blackheads on my nose as well.

3) I tend to have hormonal breakouts, especially on my chin.

4) My skin is very sensitive and tends to break out with the introduction of new products.

Seems like a challenge, right? Thankfully, my consultant didn't think so. She recommended the Paula's Choice Moisture Boost Complete System, which works to prevent signs of aging, soothe dry skin and replenish moisture.

Paula's Choice, PRIMP, Pretty In My Pocket, Paula's Choice Moisture Boost Collection, skincare, skin care
The brochure that accompanied my Moisture Boost collection.

The collection includes the following products:

Moisture Boost One Step Facial Cleanser
Works to gently remove cellular debris, excess oil and makeup. I actually don't really wear a lot of makeup in general (and never wear concealer, foundation or bronzer), so I'm typically just cleansing a normal day's wear and tear off my face. This cleanser creates a delightful lather that simultaneously leaves no film or greasiness upon the skin. My skin just FEELS lighter and cleaner after using it.

Moisture Boost Hydrating Toner
Soothes and calms your skin with antioxidants and repairing ingredients while also removing any final traces of makeup. It's alcohol free, reduces inflammation and helps reinforce a healthy barrier function from the very first use. I'm not really a toner user by nature as I find it dries out my skin, but this one was too intriguing not to try. I loved the texture, which is more like a cleanser than a normal toner. You're supposed to pour the liquid onto a cotton pad and then apply to your skin, but as I have no cotton pads currently (I know, I'm the worst beauty blogger ever), I've just been applying it to my hands and then directly to my face, which has been working quite well. Even before applying moisturizer, my skin feels softer and smoother.

Skin Perfecting 1% BHA Lotion
Gently removes dead skin cells by exfoliating the surface of the skin and inside pores. It also shrinks large pores, dissolves blackouts, calms redness and builds collagen. Basically it's a miracle worker! I don't know about you, but my breakouts have become peskier and peskier in recent months (probably due to some life and job stress in addition to any normal hormonal shifts). This product works to combat all of that and makes my skin so much clearer! I like that it only has 1% salicylic acid, since products with a ton of salicylic acid tend to really dry out my skin and actually make it worse. This is the perfect amount to calm any redness and pimple action without further dehydrating my already dry skin. While you're supposed to apply this to the entire face, I've just been using it as a spot treatment, and it's definitely working to reduce redness and pimples. (Score!)

Moisture Boost Daily Restoring Complex with SPF 30
Protects your skin from daily sun exposure, which is the #1 cause of wrinkles and brown spots. Broad spectrum sun protection with stabilized avobenzone shields skin from wrinkles, while a blend of antioxidants boosts skin defenses and protect skin from collagen depletion. I'm always a huge fan of moisturizers with SPF, since I burn at the drop of a hat -- and, now that summer is here, I definitely want to spend more time outside! A little goes a long way with this moisturizer, which sinks right into skin and leaves a subtle mattifying effect.

Moisture Boost Hydrating Treatment Cream
Hydrates your skin and improves its healthy functioning. You can even use it around the eye area! A combination of plant oils, antioxidants, emollients, cell-communicating ingredients and skin-identical ingredients create a lush, creamy texture that smooth, soften and fortify the skin. I love that this moisturizer just sinks right into the skin and doesn't feel greasy or heavy, which a lot of night creams do. It's so rich and nourishing, and it makes my skin feel fantastic.

Paula's Choice, PRIMP, Pretty In My Pocket, Paula's Choice Moisture Boost Collection, skincare, skin care

The cleanser, toner and BHA lotion are meant to be used day and night, while the Daily Restoring Complex is a daytime moisturizer and the Hydrating Treatment Cream is an evening moisturizer. I have to say that these products have completely surpassed my expectations. Well, really, I didn't even KNOW what to expect, but here's the thing. MY. SKIN. LOOKS. AND. FEELS. INCREDIBLE. It's glowy, it's supple, it's hydrated, it's moisturized, it's nourished ... in short, it's looking and feeling better than it had in WEEKS.

Paula's Choice Skincare really is luxury skincare on a budget. Paula’s Choice is committed to customer advocacy, education and helping people find the best products for their skin. In fact, everyone can receive a FREE personal skincare consultation by calling 800.431.4088. They also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee (within 60 days), in addition to no animal testing, no irritating dyes and no fragrances.

Paula's Choice, PRIMP, Pretty In My Pocket, Power Primper, skincare, skin care, Paula's Choice Moisture Boost Collection

The entire Moisture Boost Collection retails for only $99 at Seriously, $99 for 5 amazing skincare products? How can you go wrong? (Answer: you can't.) I'm also a Power Primper with PRIMP (download the fabulous app here). As a Power Primper, I'm offering 20% off plus free shipping with promo code PRIMP20 to my readers. Click here to take advantage of this amazing offer. (But you'd better hurry, because the code expires June 30 at midnight EST!)


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