Friday, July 17, 2015

First Look Fridays Interview Series: Beauty Blogger Allison Cohen of Never Say Die Beauty

Allison Cohen, Never Say Die Beauty, beauty blogger, First Look Fridays, interview series
One of my go-to beauty blog reads is Never Say Die Beauty. Blogger Allison Cohen has a very unique perspective on beauty, and I love how detailed, educated, researched and thorough she is in her reviews. Plus, she's a truly fantastic writer. And even better? She's a wonderful person to boot! Read on to find out how she started her blog, the eyeliner she can't live without and so much more.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?
I’m from Massachusetts but I went to college and graduate school in New York City where I studied psychology and art history. After working in a lab studying eating behavior and weight control, I went into advertising as a market researcher and worked for 3 well-known international and New York ad agencies. When the last agency I worked for closed, I became a market research consultant working primarily as a focus group moderator -- the person who leads a group of consumers in a discussion held behind a one-way mirror. I primarily worked with Blue Chip clients to help them develop and fine-tune their advertising and their products and services.

How did you first become interested in beauty, and what led you to create your own blog?
As a focus group moderator, I often worked for beauty brands such as Revlon, Almay, Dove, Q-tips, Ponds, Caress, Milani and Essence. So I got to hear a lot about what women were looking for in skincare and makeup products and advertising. I decided to use that knowledge to start my blog.

I love the name of your blog! How did you come up with it?
Several people gave me a hard time about the name because it has the word “die” in it. But because I’m an older beauty blogger, I wanted a name that stood for not giving up, but continuing to be the best you can be at any age.

What are your top 5 favorite beauty products?
Ooooh, that’s a tough one because my favorites change all the time! Hmmmm. I’ll tell you my top 5 favorites now!
Allison Cohen, Never Say Die Beauty, beauty blogger, First Look Fridays, interview series, butter LONDON Lippy Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon
butter LONDON Lippy Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayons. These lip crayons are pigmented, longish-lasting (especially the darker shades), easy to apply and feel good on my lips. Plus so many of the shades work with my skin tone. So happy to have #alltheshades!

Allison Cohen, Never Say Die Beauty, beauty blogger, First Look Fridays, interview series, butter LONDON Wink Eye Pencil Union Jack Black, eyeliner
butter LONDON Wink Eye Pencil in Union Jack Black. I tight line my eyes all the time, and the butter LONDON pencil is so buttery that it’s so easy to apply without tugging on my eyelids.

Allison Cohen, Never Say Die Beauty, beauty blogger, First Look Fridays, interview series, Lindi Skin Eye Hydrator, eye cream, skincare
Lindi Skin Eye Hydrator. Pretty much the opposite of everyone else, I have super dry eyelids that are often red and inflamed. This is a thick gel that is not only soothing to my sore eye area, but it makes the skin under my brows and above my crease look firmer. Yes!

Allison Cohen, Never Say Die Beauty, beauty blogger, First Look Fridays, interview series, CoverGirl The Super Sizer by LashBlast Mascara
CoverGirl The Super Sizer by LashBlast Mascara. This is a controversial pick. Some women love it, and others don’t like it at all. I adore it. It has a skinny wand with plastic teeth and a plastic bulb with teeth at the tip. I apply this mascara like any other mascara, and it makes my lashes super long with plenty of volume. Not everyone gets this result, but I get it every time. Also, I love to use the wand tip to lengthen my lashes individually, if they need it, so they’re very long and fanned out. Love, love, love this mascara!

Allison Cohen, Never Say Die Beauty, beauty blogger, First Look Fridays, interview series, LORAC Unzipped Gold Makeup Palette, eyeshadow
LORAC Unzipped Gold Palette. I’m usually a matte shadow wearer, but this palette has a gorgeous collection of metallic shimmer shadows with a few mattes tucked in for good measure. Buttery, long-lasting. My go-to going out palette!

What are your top 3 beauty tips?
1) Take care of your skin and wear sunscreen. Your skin is your most important asset.

2) As you get older, if your lips get thinner, become close friends with your lip liner. And try a lip plumper with collagen and hyaluronic acid to increase the volume.

3) Ignore the rules. Do what suits you. What works or doesn’t work for you may be totally different for someone else.

Being a blogger must be fun, but what do you do in your spare time?
I’ve been a runner/jogger for ages. In fact, my dissertation was on exercise addiction. Although I can’t run the mileage I used to, I keep at it. My goal is to run tomorrow. I also love to cook, and I make my own bread, jam, marshmallows, et cetera. Reading and gardening are also my passions.

In addition to your blog, how can The Beauty of Life readers find you on social media?
I can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.


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