Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Life, Lately ... Told Through Photos!

Jamie Allison Sanders, light display, LACMA, Los Angeles, art museum
I don't know about you, but I take a lot of photos. I mean A LOT. And, yes, I post quite a few of them on social media, but sometimes I just take them and they never see the light of day! Well, I thought I'd take this opportunity to share just a few of my recent photos with you -- some beauty, some fashion, some just completely random. Hope you enjoy this little glimpse into my life as of late! And, yes, I own the Free People Tree Swing Top in multiple colors.

Jamie Allison Sanders, Gerold Schroeder, LACMA, Los Angeles, art museum, yellow cord display
Enjoying a day at the LACMA in Los Angeles with my good friend Gerold. Taking a pic in these yellow cords is apparently something everyone does, so we did it too.

Poprageous, Poprageous Lucky Dragon leggings, Falcor, The Neverending Story
YOU GUYS. Poprageous makes leggings with Falcor from The Neverending Story on them. I repeat: POPRAGEOUS MAKES LEGGINGS WITH FALCOR FROM THE NEVERENDING STORY ON THEM. Shop these (and other amazing prints!) here.

ASOS, Reclaimed Vintage Animal Print Cold Shoulder Dress, Free People open toe booties, Jamie Allison Sanders, fashion
I bought this Reclaimed Vintage dress from ASOS a few months ago and I am seriously in LOVE. Just check out that awesome animal print! I wore it out to dinner when my family was in town last month.

Harry Potter World, Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles, Hogwarts, Jamie Allison Sanders, Rory Sanders
I FINALLY WENT TO HARRY POTTER WORLD! Can you tell that I was excited? (My mom is capturing a moment next to me.)

Harry Potter World, Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles, Hogwarts, Jamie Allison Sanders
Going to Harry Potter World was the absolute BEST! I highly recommend buying tickets online in advance, since it means you get into the park an hour before it opens. My family had an incredible time!

Harry Potter World, Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles, Hogwarts, Jamie Allison Sanders, Evan Sanders
Yeah, the Sanders sibs were totally excited that we were at Harry Potter World!

Harry Potter World, Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles, Hogwarts, Ollivander's Wand Shop
Wand box upon wand box stacked at Ollivander's.

Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles, Springfield, Simpsons Land, Jamie Allison Sanders, Rory Sanders, Evan Sanders, Sanders family
While we mainly went to Universal Studios for Harry Potter World, we definitely had to stop in Simpsons Land, too! And it was AWESOME. The ride was so cool!

Disneyland, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Jamie Allison Sanders, Poprageous Rogue Princess Ariel Relaxed Tee, Poprageous Minnie Mouse Leggings, fashion
I have a Disneyland annual pass, so I spend a fair amount of time there. And how could I pass up the chance to wear my brand-new Poprageous Rogue Princess Tee and Minnie Mouse leggings when I went with my family? (You can buy all the awesome Poprageous stuff you want here.)

Jamie Allison Sanders, Poprageous Rogue Princess Ariel Relaxed Tee, Radiator Springs, Cars Land, Route 66 sign
Whenever you go to Disneyland, a ride on Radiator Springs in Cars Land is totally worth the wait. My family waited over 70 minutes and we loved it! Plus, I got to sneak a pic with the Route 66 sign, which brought me back to my trip across the country last year!

The Broad, art museum, downtown Los Angeles, art, Desire, Ed Ruscha
While my family was in LA, we went to the new(ish) art museum in downtown Los Angeles, The Broad. I loved this piece, Desire, by Ed Ruscha.

The Broad, art museum, downtown Los Angeles, art, Jeff Koons, Tulips, sculpture
Anytime you get to see Tulips by Jeff Koons, you take it. This was at The Broad.

The Broad, art museum, downtown Los Angeles, art, Under The Table, Robert Therrien
Perhaps my favorite piece at The Broad: Under The Table by Robert Therrien. It's definitely a conversation starter! And yes, the Sanders family is small ... but we're not THAT small!

The Broad, art museum, downtown Los Angeles, art, If You're So Successful Why Do You Feel Like A Fake, Barbara Kruger
This piece at The Broad by Barbara Kruger, Untitled (If You're So Successful, Why Do You Feel Like A Fake?), really spoke to me.

Jamie Allison Sanders, Snapchat filter, jeweled snapchat filter
I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed with Snapchat filters. This is one of the best! It would take forever to create this look for real, but with the filter? Done in seconds!

Jamie Allison Sanders, Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner Midnight Cowboy, eye makeup
When my friend Mindy visited me a few months ago, she taught me a makeup trick that I've been utilizing basically every day since. A touch of Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy, placed meticulously at the inner corners of your eyes, makes SUCH a huge impact. I seriously can't get enough!

Jamie Allison Sanders, haircut, October 2016, Free People Tree Swing Top, Erin Sanders, hairstylist
My cousin Erin is a fantastic hairstylist. I had her chop a few inches off my hair and voila! New me!

Jamie Allison Sanders, Charming Charlie, last day of work, Copywriter, Free People Tree Swing Top, L'Agence black and silver strappy flat sandals
Caught smiling on my last day of my freelance copywriting gig with Charming Charlie! Wearing my favorite Free People Tree Swing top and a pair of black and silver strappy flats by L'Agence.

Jamie Allison Sanders, new car, Honda Civic
Time for a new car! I traded in my pretty blue Honda Civic that got me from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles for an upgraded bright red one with tons of new features. I'm in love!

Jamie Allison Sanders, Joseph Komara, EP & LP, rooftop, Los Angeles, West Hollywood
I stole this screencap from a video my friend Joe posted on Snapchat. We enjoyed a little rooftop action at EP & LP in West Hollywood recently -- I recommend a trip up there whenever you're in LA, the view and the cocktails can't be beat!

Jamie Allison Sanders, Halloween 2016, Minnie Mouse, Poprageous Minnie Mouse Leggings, Disneyland Sparkly Minnie Mouse ears, Brandy Melville cotton jersey dress, ASOS London Rebel Dot Espadrilles
For Halloween this year, I checked out the West Hollywood carnival with my friend Claire. I put together a very makeshift Minnie Mouse costume, but I was pretty happy with the result! Especially loving my Poprageous polka dot leggings and my London Rebel polka dot espadrilles from ASOS.

JustFab, Noisy May Shattered Print Tunic Dress, ASOS, Free People open toe booties, Jamie Allison Sanders, Senior Copywriter, first day of work
New day, new job! I'm now the Senior Copywriter for JustFab and started a month ago. This was on my first day -- wearing a Noisy May printed tunic dress from ASOS and my beloved Free People open toe booties.

Jamie Allison Sanders, Vince silk tunic blouse, Hue cotton leggings, JustFab Kareena Suede Over the Knee Boots, weight loss
For years, I was way heavier than I wanted to be. But when I broke my ankle, I made a conscious effort to get healthier, and I actually lost a little weight during that experience and have kept it off. I'm nowhere near my goal weight, but on this night a few weeks ago, I finally saw that I'm looking healthier and happier than I had in YEARS. Plus, that Vince top hadn't fit me in at least three. Also wearing my new favorite boots, the JustFab Kareena!

Jamie Allison Sanders, voting, November 2016, election day, I Voted sticker, Hillary Clinton
I am not happy about the outcome of the Presidential election. But on the morning of November 8, I was so thrilled and ecstatic to have cast my vote for Hillary Clinton. I'm trying to hold onto this feeling even in these uncertain and terrifying times.

Converse Hi-Top sneakers, Indiana University, cream and crimson, red and white stripes, striped sneakers
I'm a proud graduate of Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!). On opening day of basketball season, I simply HAD to break out my red and white striped Converse hi tops!

Los Angeles, sunset, Mama Shelter, Hollywood
During a recent outing to the Mama Shelter rooftop in Hollywood, I captured this epically beautiful Los Angeles sunset.

Jamie Allison Sanders, John Lennon Snapchat filter
Another day, another Snapchat filter! This John Lennon-inspired one is my new favorite. I pretty much want to look like this all the time. (Plus, my hair was on point that day.)

Jamie Allison Sanders, broken ankle, walker, Free People Tree Swing top, Ugg Australia Classic Short Boots, Hue Cotton Leggings, before and after
On the left: March 2016, when I couldn't put weight on my broken ankle and had to use a walker and wear a boot. On the right: November 2016, taken just last night and basically just for fun ... because I am HEALED! I really can't believe the difference in my entire life in only 8 months. I never would have thought so much could change and be so much better, let alone that my ankle would be almost back to normal. But time marches on!


  1. So glad that things are going so well for you! You've had quite a year all around! Got to get to LA and go to The Broad one of these days :)

    1. Thank you so much, Allison! I really appreciate your kind words. And you should definitely let me know if and when you're in LA, I'll go to the Broad again anytime!

  2. You know you had me at those shoes, girl! :)

  3. I love the cut of that animal print dress! I share less than 1% of the photos I take. Kind of sad now that I think about it....

  4. You are just the cutest. Your happiness radiates from the page. You enjoy life like it should be enjoyed.

  5. Looks like you have been having a blast! Good for you, girl!

  6. Great photos! The Never Ending Story leggings are perfection.

  7. What a fun post. I so enjoy your photos and your infectious smile.

  8. Awesome photos - I love posts like this!

  9. Jamie, your cousin is so talented, your hair looks stunning! Your photos are pure joy. Happy thanksgiving :)

  10. Fun photos! I'm inspired to take more. You are adorable and I love your swing tops.

  11. I never take photos and I know I will regret it later when I'll have nothing to look back at. You are doing great, I really admire that!