Tuesday, January 30, 2007

East Meets West: Bond No. 9 West Side

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It isn't often that I -- a fashionista at heart -- pass up the chance to buy clothes, let alone the latest pair of designer strappy sandals. But this month I forewent the Manolo Blahniks and the Jimmy Choos in favor of a beauty product so luxurious, so decadent, so utterly fabulous, I just don't think there's anything that can top it. Enter Bond No. 9 West Side Eau de Parfum -- 3.3 oz. of beauty and grace destined to make you say "Ooooooh."

Famous for its homages to New York's finest neighborhoods (floral-embodied Chinatown, seductively woody Noho and the ever-so-sultry Fashion Avenue, to name a few), the latest jewel in Bond no. 9's crown is no different. Inspired by the melange of music halls, dance clubs and Broadway theaters only found on NYC's West Side, the fragrance blends notes like ylang ylang and peony with vanilla, amber and musk for a mellow yet completely intoxicating "scentual" experience.

And the bottle, oh, the bottle! This beauty chick is in love with Bond No. 9's signature star-shaped flagons, but this is to-die-for. Lacquered a vibrant shade of scarlet and emblazoned with miniature treble clefs at the front, it's emblazoned with a single oversized treble clef at the back. One little spray and you'll swear you're sitting in the orchestra section at Carnegie Hall.

Bond No. 9 West Side retails for $160-$230 at bondno9.com.

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