Sunday, January 28, 2007

Paint the Town with Hard Candy Vintage Nail Polish

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I'm a sucker for nail polish. Bright, muted, light, dark, pink, black ... bring it all on in spades. And not that I don't love a good manicure or pedicure -- I'm willing to have someone pamper my nails 24/7. But once in awhile, whether it's time constraints or just the love of painting, I love to do my nails myself. Rustling through my drawers and drawers of polish bottles, brand after brand pops out at me. A favorite of mine for years now, Hard Candy Vintage Nail Polish has kept me coming back for more.

Every one of the shades screams rocker chick -- but with just a hint of girly-girl -- and I totally dig that. And the names, the names! I wish I were that creative. Colors like Frigid (shimmery light blue), Jailbait (glitzy lavender), Trailer Trash (glittering silver), and this beauty chick's personal pick, Tantrum (sparkly pastel green), ooze sexuality and sensuality. But the best part ain't in the shades, it's in the bling that comes with 'em. Each bottle is equipped with its very own plastic ring -- in fun, girly shapes like hearts and stars -- so you can slip 'em on and draw attention to your newly painted digits!

Note: Sadly, Hard Candy Vintage Nail Polish is no longer available. But you can buy shades from the Hard Candy Just Nails Nail Color for $4 each at

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