Friday, January 19, 2007

Put Your Hands Together: Bliss Glamour Gloves

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Blustering winds, inexcusably low temps, wearing so many layers you can't even move! Welcome to winter and all that comes along with it -- cracked cuticles, chapped fingers and red knuckles. But why let that happen? This beauty chick recently found a surefire cure -- Bliss Glamour Gloves.

Sure, you might look ridiculous once you slide these peacock blue babies on ... but who cares, if your hands will look and feel silky smooth? That's what I thought. Simply slip on these gloves -- lined in grapeseed and ceramide gel -- for 20 minutes. Lo and behold, extremities smoother than you've ever dreamed possible. What better way to sit through the latest CW shows? Hey, it beats spending upwards of $30 a week on hot cream manicures.

Get your very own pair for $48 at -- and literally watch the rawness melt away.

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