Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Salon and Spa Directory: Eliza's Eyes

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If you're like me, you know that groomed brows are a must. This beauty chick believes that gorgeous arches not only make your whole face look better instantly, they draw the attention away from other flaws (inflamed pimples, dark undereye circles, whatever the case may be!).

Trust me -- beautiful brows guarantee loads of admiring stares. Famed brow afficianado Eliza Petrescu -- coined the "Queen of the Arch" -- believes in brow beauty as well. And she's taken it to the next level with Eliza's Eyes, a group of skilled eyebrow technicians in place at New York's two exhale spa locations.

During a recent appointment with Julia, my arches were reshaped to perfection. Using a variety of techniques -- including trimming, plucking and waxing -- Julia took my brows from merely average to oh-so-wondrous within minutes!

Now ladies, treatment like this doesn't come cheap. With a guru such as Eliza, you'll be paying $120 for an initial visit and $88 for maintenance visits. And for her essociates, like Julia, you'll shell out $85 for an initial visit and $65 for every visit thereafter. But don't fret -- this not only includes the end result of beautiful brows, but a consultation during the initial visit where your essociate really tells it like it is, making sure you'll walk out with the absolute best shape for your face. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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