Sunday, June 17, 2007

Back to Life: Kerastase Masquintense For Fine Hair

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Dry. Lifeless. Dull. All words that can be used to describe yours truly's hair on a bad day. How could I hope to change this fact, you might ask? Luckily, with the entering of Kerastase Masquintense For Fine Hair into my life, these words have been replaced with better ones such as "shiny," "healthy" and "silky."

Now, my hair is not fine -- far from it, in fact. But this tub has become my savior, especially now that summer is here, bringing with it intense humidity and its moisture-sapping powers. It contains Gluco-Active Technology, which basically means an amazing combination of glucose, protein and lipids that restore life and happiness both to my hair and to my sanity!

And all that's needed is a quarter-sized dollop about once a week, worked into my tresses post-shampoo and left on for about five minutes before a quick rinsing. The results are nothing short of INTENSE!

Trust the girl who would have a huge 'fro on her head if not for this product ... it's worth it. Don't believe me? You will, after a test drive.

Kerastase Masquintense For Fine Hair retails for $115 at

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