Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Salon and Spa Directory: Euphoria Day Spa

Once in awhile, you have a facial so wonderful, so absolutely amazing, that it seems there are no words to describe its awesomeness. But this beauty chick is going to try! Enter the lovely ladies at Euphoria Day Spa, an adorable spa in the heart of Tribeca that offers up a wide range of services guaranteed to put you into ... well ... a euphoric state, to say the least!

Walking in, I was immediately greeted and put at ease by the owner, Kristen Haines -- which was a welcome change from some of the more uppity spas this beauty chick has gone to in the past! I was shown to a changing area and given a fluffy robe, and after a short wait was ushered into the treatment room for the Fresh Air Facial with Plasma Microablation. (Say that five times fast!)

The 10-step treatment included all of the basic stuff you'd expect in a facial -- cleansing, exfoliating, various masks, steam ... and of course, the dreaded extractions, which were surprisingly not painful! But then came the fun part -- the Plasma Microablation, which was basically a combination water-and-laser technology that hydrates and completely sterilizes your skin. It seriously takes it to a whole new level of gorgeous! As if that weren't enough, this 60-minute treatment finished up with a full-body massage and a lip buffing treatment. Not bad for only 60 minutes, right?

Now, fellow beauty chicks, this facial does not come cheap -- it's $299. But trust me when I say your skin will never look better. I was completely and totally amazed at how clear, fresh and vibrant my face looked afterwards -- I know you will be too! So check out Euphoria Day Spa's website to make an appointment now -- but you'll have to fight me for the best time slot!

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