Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Drink It In: Banana Republic Chilled Sangria Candle

Ahh, the search for the perfect candle. Why am I never content with the 40 or 50 already cluttering my dresser, vanity, windowsill, and every other inch of space in my apartment? Always on the search for the next candle to spend time burning each evening, I recently came across Banana Republic's new line of candles -- all in earthy, woodsy, sumptuous scents guaranteed to make you take many deep breaths of contentment and delight.

My favorite? Chilled Sangria -- a luscious mix of ripe cassis, red currant and ruby peony that, if possible, is even better as a candle than a drink! Housed within a gorgeously-hued red glass, the poured candle lasts for up to 50 hours and comes with its own set of matches. This beauty chick thinks she'll be enjoying sangria for many, many hours to come!

What's better -- one pitcher that leaves you feeling tipsy or one candle that just gives off the great scent and leaves you in your right mind, so you can keep enjoying it? That's what I thought.

Note: This product is no longer available.

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