Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Direct from the Runway: Anne Bowen

Channeling Brigitte Bardot! Sex, sex, and more sex was all this beauty chick could think of while the models walked the runway at Anne Bowen. But surprisingly, makeup and hair did not seem garish or overdone -- instead, I was left feeling as though the beauty looks were the highlight of the show, while the clothing left much to be desired.

But while I did not feel the need to salivate over unfinished hems and tattered zippers -- not to mention drawstring and fishtail hems so long the models almost tripped their way down the runway -- the beauty looks seriously called out my name.

Locks were parted just off-center and left long and flowing, with the biggest, bounciest curls propelling the models along. (Note to self: purchase a big-barrel curling iron!) Eyes featured shimmery taupe shadow swept all the way up to the browbone, which suggested the slightest "come hither" vibe. But my favorite part had to be the lashes -- so utterly black, so utterly thick, so utterly lush, they just screamed sexiness. Skin was kept dewy and fresh, and lips were slicked with the prettiest pale pink gloss.

All in all, I loved the beauty, disliked the clothing. But since I'm a beauty writer, I guess this show was in my favor after all!

*Photo is the sole property of The Beauty of Life.

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