Thursday, September 6, 2007

Direct from the Runway: Gottex

The contrast of severity and femininity was ever-apparent at the Spring 2008 Gottex show. A throwback to the '80s was in full swing from before the show even began, with strobes flashing on and off at an alarmingly fast rate, the crowd cheering and screaming uncontrollably and loud music pumping from the speakers. And then the lights went up and the show officially began.

Let's forget about the swimwear -- which was impeccably amazing in five different stages, ranging from dominatrix (bright yellow nylon and black leather) to angelic (floaty white chiffon accented with silver-spangled-and-rhinestone-embellished turquoise and lime designs) to hippie chick (bright splashy florals and flowing tunics and caftans galore). Let's focus instead on the beauty, shall we?

While the hair was not something just anyone could pull off -- a severely tight and shellacked ponytail will give even the best of us a rip-roaring headache by the end of the day, not to mention it was tied twice down the length like this beauty chick used to do in the early '90s. But the makeup was truly awesome to behold.

Adding so much to the early dominatrix vibe, but even creating a subtle pop of spice for the more feminine looks, was an eye lined super-heavily in thick black liner. The apples of the cheeks were heavily contoured, while lips were done in barely-there nudes and pinks.

The final assessment? H-O-T ... and a look I will most definitely be trying at home. It's sure to raise some temperatures once Spring 2008 is finally here.

*Photo is the sole property of The Beauty of Life.

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