Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gimme An "O": NARS The Multiple in Orgasm

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Oh. My. God. I may have just discovered the secret to happiness. And its name is NARS The Multiple. What shade am I going gaga over? Call me indecent but it's the brand's signature hue -- you guessed it, Orgasm.

Orgasm is one of those colors that's part peach, part apricot, part orange ... ALL AMAZINGNESS. It's perfect on every skin tone, whether you're pale as Casper (like me) or bronzed and beautiful.

Not to mention that this multi-purpose product is seriously amazing. The oversized stick can be used anywhere from your eyes to your lips, your cheeks to your decollete ... and it brings you the most amazing glow! (Yes, much like the glow you get from, well, you know.) It glides on creamily and dreamily, but immediately turns into a glistening powder that doesn't crease even after hours and hours of wear and tear! And it really and truly is perfect for all skin tones -- trust this ghostly white girl to tell you the truth! It made my eyes pop, my cheekbones glimmer, my lips the perfect shade of peach. I was honestly stunned at how great it made me look!

Now, if Orgasm isn't really your thing, The Multiple comes in MULTIPLE other shades. (See what I did there?) You can also find it in:

413 BLKR (burgundy)
Copacabana (glistening pearl)
G-Spot (rich gold-infused rose)
Laguna (diffused brown and gold)
Lamu (glazed apricot)
Luxor (iridescent pink)
Maldives (shimmering pink champagne)
Malibu (pink-brown)
Maui (dusty rose)
Puerto Vallarta (shimmering tangerine)
Portofino (shimmering coral)
Riviera (true pink)
South Beach (shimmering apricot)
St. Barts (taupe shimmer)
Undress Me (silvery ballerina pink)

You need to try it out for yourself. Honestly, pretty much immediately. Trust me -- you'll be ooohing and ahhing over it for weeks.

NARS The Multiple retails for $39 at sephora.com.

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