Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Single and Fabulous!: Orly Divorcee 6-Pix

Who needs men? We've all thought that at one point or another -- even if we're in a perfectly committed relationship and are blissfully happy! So the Divorcee 6-Pix nail polish pack by Orly is absolutely perfect for those days when we would just rather kick back with our girlfriends, a bottle of wine and some really great red nail polish. And while this collection includes three gorgeous red shades, there are also two pale pinks and one creamy white! Choose from aptly named 50/50, Pawn the Ring, It's Not Me It's You, One Night Stand, See Yah and Take Him To The Cleaners. The entire set is only $42 on Orly's website. So gather up your single -- or your attached --girlfriends and paint the town red!

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