Friday, January 4, 2008

Traveling Without Moving: Gilchrist & Soames Spa Therapy Travel Gift Bag

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Whenever I check into a hotel, the first thing I do is check out the goodies in the bathroom. What might be laid out for me, I always wonder. A shower cap, perhaps? Sweet-smelling, creamy lotion? Miniature sizes of nourishing shampoo and conditioner? So I was totally psyched to come across the Gilchrist & Soames Spa Therapy Travel Gift Bag, which smartly packages twelve small versions of some of their fantastic Spa Therapy line inside a convenient zip-top plastic pouch.

Of note: The mint-hued Detoxifying Sea Kelp Shampoo smells incredible, the Exfoliating Sea Salt bar is packed with good-for-your-body green grains, the Moisturizing Sea Moss Conditioner is delightfully rich, and the tiny Nourishing Glycerin Soap is just so adorably cute! There's even a travel toothbrush, an Essential Vanity Pack (which includes cotton swabs and a nail file), and a Shoe Mitten. I'm not even sure what a shoe mitten is, but it's luxuriously plush and soft, so it wins in my book.

Looks like this beauty chick won't have to run to check out the amenities in hotel bathrooms quite so quickly.

Note: This product is no longer available.

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  1. I love these products. They are the essence of luxury. I first experienced the Spa Therapy shampoo, conditioner and lotion when staying at a hotel in Las Vegas a few years ago. The line is incredible and it thoroughly nurishes your skin.
    I also love the London line. In fact, I recently had a baby and I took a travel gift bag of this scent to the hospital for after delivery. It was so nice to be able to pamper myself after the baby was born which was such a departure from the industrial soap the hospital provided. I encourage everyone to try it out!