Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hello Gorgeous! (Skin, That Is): Lubriderm Skin Nourishing Moisturizing Lotion

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Winter has made my hands take a serious beating. They're dry, they're flaky, they basically look like scales. And no matter how many times a day I apply lotion, it just doesn't seem to help! Creams and lotions mask the problem, but then a couple hours later I'm right back to square one. Until I discovered Lubriderm Skin Nourishing Moisturizing Lotion with Sea Kelp Extract, that is.

Right off the bat, I was taken with the lotion, long-winded name and all. The white formula squeezes out of the bottle in tiny increments and definitely doesn't smell terrible -- which is a plus, as I've come to find many of the more clinical lotions really do. The sea kelp gives it just a hint of marine-ness that makes me long for sandy beaches and waves crashing on the shore. Interestingly, it doesn't go on greasy at all -- it soaks into the skin instantly and leaves it looking fresh and saturated with moisture.

My hands have definitely started to lose that scaly look that was just oh-so-attractive, let me tell you!

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available.


  1. Hi Jamie! Just stopping by and checking out the scene :) I love what you've done with the place!

    I will be responding back to your email shortly. Thanks for being patient. Have a great day sweetie! Talk soon :)

  2. 2.99 - Perfect! I am feeling broke today, but I still want some new things!

  3. Lynne -- Thanks so much!

    Kim -- I know, isn't $2.99 great? :) Keep checking on Wednesdays for more items that are all under $10! :)