Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Two-For Tuesdays: Ralph Lauren Romance Collectible Bottle and Locket Necklace

My signature scent? It's been Ralph Lauren Romance for as long as I can remember. It's fragrant but light, heady without being cloying, and just the right blend of floral with musk to make it completely alluring. So I am totally loving the new limited-edition Romance Collectible Bottle and Locket Necklace set, making it perfect for this week's edition of Two-For Tuesdays!

The bottle, normally clear in color, is now a beautiful shade of pale pink that's so feminine and girly but still not over-the-top. Floral notes of sungoddess rose, marigold, yellow freesia, white violet, lotus flower and day lily combine with ginger, chamomile oil, patchouli, oak moss and musk and swirl in the potion within. Wrapped around the neck is a gorgeous silver heart locket that's delicately shaped and strung on a fine silver chain. And while I always think Romance is enough on its own, with the addition of the locket this is definitely a must-have.

This set is available for $69.50 on Sephora's website -- not too shabby when you consider the fragrance on its own retails for $69.50! Truly timeless, this fragrance is one for the ages.

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