Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beauty Launch: Upcoming Collections from Essie!

Essie, oh how I love thee. Let me count the ways. I have at least three -- Essie's three brand-new collections for spring and summer! I am seriously excited for all three collections coming up in April and May. And I'm happy to present them all to you, complete with pictures! Let's dig right in, shall we?

The Bridal Collection (Launches April 1)
Now, don't be scared off by the name -- you don't have to be a bride to like these colors! But of course, I'm sure it would help in the loving of the names. All six colors in this collection are beautiful shades of pinks and nudes that are perfect whether you're walking down the aisle or just looking for an elegant color to wear out to dinner next Saturday night. But if you are about to be a blissful bride, these shades are sure to have you saying "I DO!!" Here's the breakdown of what you can expect from this collection:
Tie the Knot (a pretty pale buff)
Blushing Bride (pale pink with golden shimmer)
No Pre-Nup (sweetheart-rose pink with a pearly white shimmer)
True Love (pastel pink with an infusion of coral)
Happily Ever After (pale pink shot with a touch of blue)
Cloud Nine (white with the tiniest hint of mocha)
My favorite shades in this collection are No Pre-Nup and True Love. I like paler-than-pale shades occasionally, but normally I like to have at least a hint of color on my nails! None of the colors in this collection are too over-the-top or showy, though -- so they'd be perfect for everything from a job interview to brunch with the girls!

Summer 2008 Collection (Launches May 1)
What colors do you think of when it comes to summer? Corals and pinks, right? I absolutely love to get pedicures with orangey-reds, pinky-corals and deep fuchsias all summer long. And this collection is seriously right up my alley! The six colors that will be launching are:
Risky Business (deep red with a tangerine base)
My Place or Yours (a deep mauve-ish pink
Escapades (coral-tinged red)
Movers & Shakers (bright, bold pink)
Secret Stash (deep, sparkling fuchsia)
Guilty Pleasures (orangey-pink)
Now, I don't know about you, but Risky Business just makes me think of Tom Cruise in his underwear, and Escapades makes me think of Janet Jackson! But I really do love all the colors in this collection, especially Movers & Shakers. I can't wait to groove to the beat wearing this one on my fingers and toes!

Color Power (Launches May 1)
This is a very special little collection for Essie. The four colors come in miniature bottles as part of a set -- and they're very adorably presented in a plastic box with floral-cutout handles! You'll definitely be able to add some pizazz to your outfit with colors that even Rainbow Bright would love! Here's what will be available:
Flirty Girl (bright yellow dazzling with sparkle)
Cool Click (shimmering icy blue)
Txt Me (glittering hot pink)
Crush (tangerine with a base of red grapefruit)
I'm not sure how I feel about the yellow -- I like it, but don't really think it will work well on my skin tone! But I am so in love with this little set and will definitely need to snap it up once it becomes available. Cool Click is most certainly a hot color for the season!

The polishes in The Bridal Collection and Summer 2008 will retail for $8 each, while the Color Power kit will retail for $15. Information will be available on at the launch dates. Hopefully they will actually be sold on the site as well! For now, I leave you ... and I'll be dreaming about these polishes till the day I can snap them up!


  1. I can't wait for these colors! I love Essie :)

  2. Believe me, you'll love them! They're all amazing in person!