Thursday, March 20, 2008

Piercing Screams Heard Round The World

My least favorite job of all time? I pierced ears at Afterthoughts (an offshoot of Claire's) for one summer while I was in college. It was the most horrific experience I've ever had. Every time someone wanted a piercing, my hands shook uncontrollably as I marked their ears and loaded the gun. (Miraculously, they always stopped shaking when I did the actual piercing -- so the holes were always accurate!) I vowed never to get near a piercing gun again after leaving Afterthoughts ... and to stop with the piercing of my own ears, since I already had five holes.

So when I discovered the Studex Personal Piercer Piercing Earrings , I was immediately terrified. Earrings that you use to pierce your ears yourself? I'm sorry, but is Sally Beauty Supply crazy?!? Supposedly these are easy to load and just head right through the earlobe with precision, ease and minimal pain. But I'm sorry, I find that hard to believe! It hurt like heck every time I got mine pierced, and I didn't have to do it myself! I can't even imagine the fear that would go into trying to shoot one of those through my ears. But if you're curious about them, you can view more info on Sally Beauty Supply's website and then head to a Sally Beauty Supply store to pick them up for yourself.

What do you think of these? Must-have beauty product ... or torture device?


  1. OMG! I never cringed so much while reading a blog entry! lol. Is it for me? No. No. And no!

  2. This was how I got my ears pierced. I think unless you have really steady hands, you should have someone else do this for you. I had my mom do it. I trust her more than some random person at Claires(no offense.) It was quick, and painless. It went straight through no problem.

  3. I can handle piercings, but am more comfortable with it being done by someone other than myself. The thought of me doing that to my own flesh doesn't sit well. I'll leave it to the pros, heh.

  4. Laurel -- you are quite brave! I just don't think I could do it!

    Mrs. Lynne -- I totally agree. Better someone else than myself! :)