Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beauty Questions: How Do You Wear Your Lipgloss?

So I've decided to implement a new column on The Beauty of Life. Look forward to Beauty Questions -- where I'll be asking the nitty-gritty questions you all wonder about but might not ever think to answer!

So for the first installment, I'm asking this important question. How do you wear your lipgloss? Do you wear it alone, or layer it over lipstick? I used to be a lipgloss-only gal, but recently I've taken to layering Stila Lip Glaze in Starfruit and M.A.C Dazzleglass in Comet Blue over Lancome Color Fever Shine Lipstick in Pixel Pink. I love seeing how colors can blend and change!

I'm dying to know your answers -- so leave them in the comments!


  1. I'm like you, Beauty Chick!

    I used to wear gloss by itself and lipsticks by themselves, but when I started mixing and matching - the combos were endless!

    I still often wear gloss by itself, but now it's only out of laziness ;)

    Looking forward to this new feature and Happy Thursday!

  2. i like layering for customization. my latest... mac's love knot lipglass (a bubble gum pink with blue duo chrome) over a favorite like my nude 1N lipglass! beautiful!

  3. I wear it in two different way depending on where I am. if I am at work or someplace where I can't be reapplying constantly. then I usually do some Rosebud Salve then the liner, then the lipstick and then lipgloss/lustreglass.

    If I am out and about in a casual setting, I usually just start off with Rosebud Salve and then a gloss. I tend to use lipsticks for special occasions and work.

    The one lip item I always use is Rosebud Salve. Love that stuff!

  4. I'm probably a bit strange. IF I put lipgloss on first, that's it--no more layers. However; when I put lipstick on, I have ot mix several shades and finish with lipgloss.

    So maybe I just solved my problem by writing it down...I need to only use lipgloss! haha!

  5. Cool idea!

    Generally I will wear glosses alone, or layer them over a balm if I feel they aren't moisturizing enough. I do like the effect of layering glosses over glosses as well, but I just don't tend to do it very often.

    I am loving tinted lip balms lately, though, because I don't really like the "hair sticking to my lips" feeling that I get with so many glosses. I do like some Victoria's Secret Very Sexy glosses, MAC's Lip Gelee, and NYX's Sheer Gloss, however... just to name a few!

    But yes, I think I'm becoming more of a lip balm girl than a gloss girl!

  6. may be you will think of me as a too simple girl, but I use exceptionally lip glosses (((

  7. I still tend to wear lipglosses only these days. It's just easier for me. On those days when I have more time, want a change, or heading out for the rare date night with the hubby, I'll do the layering thing.
    I like this new column idea! It's fun hearing what everyone else does too! : )

  8. I sometimes layer glosses over glosses. If I feel like a lipstick is too matte, I'll put a gloss over it for shine or sparkle. But during the workday, when I'm just sitting at my desk feeling dried out, I tur nto lip balm!

  9. I'm usually just a gloss girl. I hate bothering with all the steps; liner, lipstick, gloss. Only for special occasions do I make the effort.

  10. Ooh, I loooove lipgloss! However, lipstick just doesn't seem to wear well on me - so I usually just wear my glosses alone. :)

  11. I usually just wear lipgloss alone. Also, I got the box of fake eyelashes I won from the ardell contest. Thanks! I love them! I have never worn fake eyelashes before but it is so much fun!