Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wallet-Friendly Wednesdays: Frederic Fekkai Glossing To Go

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If you're like me, your summer is booking up pretty fast. When I last glanced at my calendar, I discovered that I only have about four free weekends from now until August! But one thing's for certain -- I will definitely not travel anywhere without my trusty Frederic Fekkai Glossing To Go products.

The handy travel-sized versions of my fave Frederic Fekkai products keep my hair looking fabulous whether I'm jetting off to Cleveland for a wedding or to Boston to see the Sex and the City movie with my BFF! Whatever the case, I can count on my hair looking flawless with the four products in this collection. And best of all? They're only $9 each! Read on for more info about the products available in this line.

Glossing Cream
Not only does this smooth flyaways, add shine and tame frizz, this leave-in conditioning cream protects your tresses with UVA and UVB sunscreens! So perfect for toting along on a beach vacay. I love to emulsify a dime-sized amount in my palms and then run it over my strands after pulling them into a ponytail -- it keeps them sleek all day!

Glossing Shampoo and Glossing Conditioner
The olive oil extract found in these two products provides much-needed shine to otherwise lifeless locks. The shampoo lathers up quite satisfyingly, while the conditioner glides over tresses so easily. You only need a dime-sized amount of each -- even if your hair is thick and coarse like this beauty chick's -- so they'll last for quite awhile!

Glossing Sheer Shine Mist
God knows I love my T3 Evolution and T3 Medium Duality. But on hot, humid, sticky days, sometimes even these just don't make my hair is glossy as I'd like. Luckily, this mist seriously does the trick. A simple spritz here and there really tames even the horriblest of horrible hair days and keeps the frizz in check.

All in all, these four products will get you through any bad hair day in style. And isn't that what traveling is all about?

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