Monday, July 28, 2008

Must-Have Mondays: ME! Bath Body Icing

ME! Bath, ME! Bath Land of Milk n Honey Body Icing, lotion, moisturizer, body cream
I am on a huge moisturizer kick lately. From La Mer to Elizabeth Arden, I've been slathering the stuff on for weeks. But there's a new tube in town that may just take the cake ... ME! Bath Body Icing.

This lotion is so utterly delectable that I find myself wishing it were actually edible. (Sadly, I think it would be a bad idea to eat the stuff.) Plus, it's formulated with shea butter, which keeps skin hydrated and conditioned all day long.

Ten different scents are available -- each designed to evoke various feelings and help with a multitude of ailments or problems. There's one for stress relief, one for sensitive skin, even one for fertility! You can choose from the following:

Gotta Have it Pomegranate
Hawaiian Lei
Land of Milk n Honey
Lavender Lullaby
Papaya Nectar
Peaches n Cream
Southern Magnolia
Strawberry Kiwi
Summer Rain
Vanilla Purity

My fave is definitely Land of Milk n Honey. It's perfect whether you're at the office during the day or out on the town for cocktails. Its sweet scent is utterly delicious, and it never feels too close or cloying.

My one complaint is that this moisturizer does leave skin a bit greasy for awhile -- so be careful putting it on right before bed, or it might leave marks on your sheets! But it sinks in after a few minutes, leaving behind no trace of sheen and a heck of a lot of moisture in the skin.

ME! Bath Body Icing retails for $26 each at

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