Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weekend of Beauty Treatments Part 3: Haven's Full Body Spray Tan from St. Tropez

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I. Am. Pale. I've already waxed poetic and written volumes on the subject (click here for my latest attempt to rectify the situation) ... no need to bore you with more tales of how much I wish my skin were darker. Or at least not the color of paper. But in this final installment of my Weekend of Beauty Treatments series, I will tell you this -- the Full Body Spray Tan at Haven is to die for. I no longer look like Casper's sister! Here's the skinny on this fab treatment.

Harmful indoor and outdoor UV exposure, damaging tanning beds and messy self-tanners have left many wannabe bronzed beauties with one question -- what is a safe-sun seeker to do? Haven has come to the rescue, with the new Full Body Spray Tan from St. Tropez. This technologically advanced spray tanning method gives skin a healthy sun-kissed glow without the negatives.

Having already gone to Haven on Saturday for my truly amazing facial with Donna, I headed back down to SoHo on Sunday afternoon for my spray tanning session. And as luck would have it, Donna was doing that too! After changing into a super-comfy robe and relaxing for a bit in the lounge with a glass of orange-flavored water, Donna came to get me and take me to the spray tanning room. As she prepared the gun with the fluid, she explained the process to me -- basically, I was to stand naked in front of her and do a series of yoga-like positions while she sprayed my entire body twice.

It sounds scary, I know! But Donna is so easy to talk to, and I truly believe she could put anyone at ease in a matter of seconds. As she began to spray my face, followed by my arms, legs and then front and back, we chatted about everything from the weather to plans for the weekend to our favorite vacation spots. I actually forgot that I was standing stark naked in front of her after awhile!

As for the treatment itself, the tanning solution is formulated with the highest percentage of DHA from St. Tropez. A subtle green pigment is also added to the tanning solution to prevent that horrible orangey effect seen on so many unknowing, unwitting celebs. (I'm talking to you, Lindsay Lohan!) Best of all, it's formulated with aloe -- so your skin is totally moisturized and softened for the entire length of the spray tan!

The entire process takes about 20 minutes. Donna will spray your whole body twice to make sure the color is even and deep -- and while you'll definitely see the color right away, it's not like other places I've gone where it's so dark you look as though you've changed about 20 shades! The color produced is very natural and even, and it lasts. I'm going into day 3 and it still looks as though I had it done an hour ago!

Best of all, you only have to wait six hours before you shower. While there is a slight smell of DHA to contend with previous to that -- and it's not the most pleasant of scents -- it's nowhere near as horrible as it could be. Once you shower, the scent will completely disappear, so you're not left with it for days on end.

My only complaint is that I had a slight allergic reaction to the spray tan about an hour before I showered. My decollete and shoulders turned a bit red and itchy, which freaked me out -- but once I showered, the sensation dissipated. My skin is very sensitive, though, so I don't think this is normal.

All in all? Haven's spray tan is definitely worth checking out. I am now a bronzed goddess -- no more being confused with ghosts! If you're interested in heading to Haven for a session with Donna, here's the pricing info.

Introductory Single Session: $69
Package of 3 Sessions: $177
Package of 6 Sessions: $294
Packages are good for one year from the date of purchase.

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  1. Sounds totally divine, but stark naked? You are much braver than I, my friend :)