Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend of Beauty Treatments Part 2: Haven's Remedy Facial

If you checked out yesterday's installment of my Weekend of Beauty Treatments series, then you already know my toes are polished to perfection. (If not, you must click here!) Now it's time for Part 2. Today's installment? Getting my face in order, of course!

After a seriously traumatic episode of extractions so painful I literally cried on the treatment bed -- followed by a bout of acne worse than I ever experienced as a teen -- I decided to swear off facials for awhile. But the Remedy Facial at Haven sounded too good to pass up, so I put on a brave face and marched myself down to Soho this past Saturday for an appointment with Donna.

Here's the skinny on the facial as provided by the spa:

This personalized treatment offers a truly unique facial experience for everyone. Whether you need deep pore cleansing, extra nourishing, deep hydration, or custom tailored maintenance, this "remedy" will address and correct each and every individual concern.

In layman's terms? This is a seriously amazing facial that will leave your skin looking absolutely amazing. Donna was wonderful from the very start. She radiated positive energy and kindness that just put me at ease right away -- and as she began to look at my skin, she was so complimentary of my skin's elasticity and hydration that I think I blushed right there on the table! I really appreciated how easy she was to talk to about the problems I've been facing with my skin recently, and how she knew immediately which course of action to take in order to rectify them quickly and easily.

This facial is customized for every person individually, so the products will differ from person to person. But I will say this ... you will be pampered! Mask after mask, cleanser after cleanser, moisturizer after moisturizer was rubbed and layered onto my face throughout the 60-minute treatment, each of which smelled and felt more amazing than the one before it. My absolute favorite product used was the Yonka Gommage exfoliant, which smelled delectable and left my skin feeling fresh and clean without being rubbed raw.

But the absolute most unbelievable part of the facial? The extractions were completely and utterly painless. Donna has a way of removing the unwanted toxins from the skin without hurting you one bit. I kept waiting for the sharp stabs of pain that often accompany this part of the process, but they just never came. I actually was close to falling asleep on the table at this point, which was just totally shocking to me!

The end of the facial involved Donna massaging in sun protectants, eye serum and a protective moisturizer -- perfect as I waltzed into the sunlight.

So is this treatment worth the $110? Absolutely, definitively yes. Donna is amazing, your face will look incredible, and you'll feel seriously happy with your skin afterwards. I started seeing dramatic results within a few hours, and my skin has only continued to improve since! It's time to "face" the music and make an appointment.

Stay tuned for the final installment of this series, coming up tomorrow morning!

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