Monday, September 29, 2008

Great Brand Alert: Belli Skincare

I'm not a mom ... or even a mom-to-be. But you know what? It doesn't matter. Because, luckily, even though Belli Skincare is formulated especially for mamas, those not expecting or with child can use the products too!

This fabulous skincare line is the only one to be teratology screened -- which, in layman's terms, means the products are studied to make sure they won't cause birth defects or deformities. In addition, the line spans a wide range of elimination treatments, including stretch marks, acne, dark under-eye circles and diaper rash. The last one notwithstanding, it's definitely fabulous for use by every gal looking for a little help in certain areas!

The packaging is simple, sleek and to the point. Bottles and tubes are white with blue or purple lettering -- very no muss, no fuss. And that's perfect whether you're a mom with no extra time on your hands or a busy gal on the go!

Read on to discover my two absolute must-have products from Belli Skincare.

All Day Moisture Body Lotion ($19): I'm all for zesty fragrances, so the fact that this lotion is scented with lemon got me excited before I even opened the bottle. And am I ever glad I did! Not only does it smell absolutely fantastic -- it literally smells exactly like fresh-squeezed lemonade -- but it feels absolutely fantastic as well. It's not at all greasy or slick; rather, it sinks right into the skin and leaves behind a feeling of absolute conditioning and moisture. I especially like to use it on my ashy calves -- the chamomile-infused formula makes them utterly soft and silky smooth!

Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer ($6): Under $10? I'm already sold. And a new version of Purell to boot? Why, does it get any better than this? I seriously doubt it. This little tube has found a place of permanent residency among the clutter in my purse -- whenever I step off the subway or out of a crowded and somewhat dirty bar, I just reach for this citrus-scented miracle worker and immediately feel soothed and clean. I like that there's no medicinal smell, and I love that it doesn't make my hands feel sticky or less clean than if I hadn't used anything at all.

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  1. I love this brand-I don't put anything else on my skin! You can get 10% off with the code
    BELLIVIP10 at!

  2. I was soo excited to try this brand!!! I went online and bought a few products and them took them to my OB once they arrived (just to be safe) ...and I was soo upset when she told me that some of their ingredients are NOT safe during my pregnancy!!! I thought they were screened- now who do I trust?? I will be searching for a new brand- unfortunatly you cant beleive everything you read!!! Learn from me and take the ingredient listing to your MD before buying so you dont waste your time and $$$!!