Monday, September 8, 2008

Highlights From Fashion Week: Day Two

Day Two of Fashion Week was a total blur. Running from show to show, spending time with beauty bloggers, meeting hairstylists and makeup artists ... it takes a lot out of even the hardiest beauty chick! Here's the lowdown on my fave happenings from the day.

1) I had a whopping seven celebrity sightings. All within five minutes. I'm not even kidding! Here's who I saw:
Miss Jay (of ANTM fame)
Nigel Barker (noted fashion photographer -- or as my friends and I refer to him, "noted sex god"
Fern Mallis
Jay McCarroll (Project Runway Season 1 Winner)
Whitney Port from The Hills
Lloyd Boston

2) I attended my fave show for three seasons running, Terexov. (More pics and info coming up later!) Chanel Iman opened the show -- check out the gorgeous pic of her!

3) Spent time with some of my fave beauty bloggers and the M.A.C team at a M.A.C dinner, held at Suba on the Lower East Side.

4) Met makeup artist Gucci Westman. Enough said.

5) Spoke with Mally Roncal at Tracy Reese and found out she remembered me from over six months ago. I can die happy.

Stay tuned for highlights from Day Three at the Tents!

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  1. OMG Gucci Westman and Mally Roncal??? Me so jealous!! Loving your recaps of Fashion week!! Wish I was there!! :)