Monday, September 8, 2008

Must-Have Mondays: Lancome Juicy Tubes Rose Fishnets

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Shimmery goodness. That is the best way I can describe Lancome Juicy Tubes Rose Fishnets. Already a huge fan of Juicy Tubes in all shapes, sizes and colors, I was dying for this color for months -- ever since I first saw mention of it on Lancome's website and at Sephora. And finally, finally, my prayers have been answered. Luckily, this gloss does not disappoint.

The product information on Lancome's website states:

Juicy Tubes transports you to Paris, where can-can dancers light up the stage at the Moulin Rouge. Capture the essence of boudoir chic with a gloss dressed in thigh-high fishnets and finished with a wide band of French lace, a sexy seam and the Lancome rose woven throughout.

So super sexy, right? The tube itself is utterly divine -- it really does look like a pair of fishnet stockings, which of course every woman knows to have on hand in her dresser drawer. But it's what's inside the tube that really intrigued me. I must admit that the shade looked a bit scary at first. It's almost brownish rose in color, which is not one that normally looks good against my pale skin. But I bravely puckered up and applied it anyway, hoping against hope that it would look okay.

Okay? It looked downright fantastic. On the lips, it becomes a shimmering mass of color ... a combination of rose, mauve, and even purple undertones that swirl and glisten and gleam. And better yet? It's tinged with gold sparkle to really catch the light beautifully. I've decided there's no way I'm ever leaving home without it again.

I'll see you in Paris.

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available. Find similar shades for $18 each at

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