Thursday, October 2, 2008

Trend-Filled Thursdays: Verbena Products

Fun fact about verbena: It contains about 250 species of annual and perennial herbaceous or semi-woody flowering plants. That means there are a lot of different ways this baby can be used! It's been used in herbal teas, been associated with divine and supernatural forces, and even in the famous green licqeuer Verveine. Most fascinating, it was utilized in medicine prescribed against "over enthusiasm" once upon a time!

But in terms of beauty products, the essential oil of ma
ny species -- mainly Common Vervain -- is traded as Spanish Verbena Oil. Another version is Lemon Verbena, which is used mainly in perfumery. Read on to discover the products I'm totally loving.

Glo Spa Conditioning Hand Cleanser in Lemon Verbena ($9.50 at I've never used a cleanser quite so delightfully creamy. It's so thick and luscious, it feels like a moisturizer! And with ingredients like Vitamin B and Red Tea, it works to heal and prevent against inflammation. Pretty amazing, right?

Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Coconut Lime Verbena Eau de Toilette ($18.50 at The blend of scents tied up in this perfume is unbelievably light and fresh, while vanilla and musk bring a bit of headiness to the mix. This fragrance is especially wonderful as we head into fall -- it keeps a tad of airy summerness. Even the bottle has a bit of both worlds going on with its ombre-esque qualities.

Kiss My Face Olive & Verbena Soap ($2.99 at Now, I'm not normally a fan of bar soaps. In fact, I seriously don't like them. But this one is totally changing my mind. It's so rich, it just exudes creaminess even before you take it out of the package! And I love the inclusion of olive oil in the formula, which nourishes, moisturizes and conditions the skin.

Thymes Indigenous Verbena Bamboo Aromatic Votive ($11 at Candles are definitely my weakness. I can't even count how many are in my personal stash. But this is definitely one that's made its way in. Not only does it smell fantastic, but the jar is absolutely gorgeous -- an intricate leaf design wends its way upand around the glass, while yellow peony and blue freesia combine with the sweet verbena.

Naturopathica Verbena Hand Softener ($28 at As we head into colder temperatures, I need to start taking care of my hands more and more. At the first hint of cool weather, they'll be chapped, red and raw! So I was totally psyched to come across this hand cream, which not only softens and smoothes my rough skin but keeps it smelling nicely light and fresh.

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