Monday, October 6, 2008

Must-Have Mondays: Molton Brown Relaxed Traveller

Let's face it -- traveling is not always fun. Yes, the actual location you're going to might be a blast. But between heightened airport security, delayed flights, airplane food and breakouts from recycled oxygen on the plane, the beginning part of a vacation is anything but entertaining. That's where the Molton Brown Relaxed Traveller comes in handy. The four items in this kit will keep you from having a temper tantrum aboard the plane, even if the flight attendant does say "buh bye" one too many times for your liking.

Let's start with the kit itself. The square-shaped case is absolutely chicer than chic in bold violet and pretty seafoam green. It zips all the way around to really hold your items securely, and the colors are vibrant without being over the top. It even comes with a miniature purple leather luggage tag so you can ensure it won't get lost!

But it's what's inside the case that counts. You'll find miniature versions of four products in Molton Brown's relaxing yuan zhi scent -- taken from a South Chinese plant that balances energy and soothes the spirit. You'll find the following fabulous items within the case:

Bath & Shower Gel (3.3 fl. oz.)
Body Cream (3.3 fl. oz.)
Pulse Point Balm (.23 fl. oz.)
Sleep Mist (1 fl. oz.)

Now, the Sleep Mist is most definitely my favorite of the four. (For my full comments on this, read my earlier post about it here.) But each of these products does its part to promote peaceful, uninterrupted sleep -- and I like to use them all in tandem to really make sure my eyes stay closed when the lights go out! I especially love the Pulse Point Balm, which helps to soothe me when I sleep with my arms up near my face.

And in case you're not noticing a recurring theme here ... every item is small enough to put in your carryon! The entire set retails for $60 on Molton Brown's website. Not a huge price to pay when you figure you're getting a good night's sleep out of it!

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