Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Two-For Tuesdays: Tweezerman Dream Garden Petite Tweezer Set

Tweezerman, Tweezerman Dream Garden, Tweezerman Dream Garden Petite Tweezer Set, Dream Garden, Dream Garden Petite Tweezer Set, tweezers, tweezer, eyebrows, eye brows, brows, plucking, tweezingOnce upon a time, a beauty chick decided to stop getting her eyebrows threaded and waxed. "I can do it myself with tweezers," she thought. "How hard could it possibly be?" But before beginning the drastic undertaking of plucking her own brows, she searched high and low for the perfect pair of tweezers.

"They can't be too pointy," she decided. "They won't be able to grip each and every hair. But they can't be too slanted, either -- then they won't pick up anything at all!" Enter the
Tweezerman Dream Garden Petite Tweezer Set ... this beauty chick's dream come true!

This set has one of each -- slanted and pointed. But neither is too much of a good thing, rendering them both perfect. They grip, grab and pull to any beauty chick's precise desires. The precision tips are hand-filled. They even come in a totally glam metallic case in your choice of fuchsia, gold or silver!

And best of all? They're adorned with the most gorgeous floral pattern, lending a touch of youthful femininity to your cluttered makeup pouch. For $30 on Sephora's website, this beauty chick's dream of the perfect brows is finally in sight.

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