Monday, November 10, 2008

Must-Have Mondays: M.A.C Pearlglide Eye Liner

A liner that stays on the waterline without creasing or smudging. A liner that looks fabulous no matter which color you pick. A liner that glides on easily and creamily without any need for fixing or touchups. Who knew all of this could be possible in one little pencil? But with M.A.C Pearlglide Eye Liner, it just is.

These handy dandy little pencils come in a variety of shades that are all flattering and utterly gorgeous. But more than that, the application is just absolutely flawless. I've never had such an easy time drawing a line across my lashline -- I usually have to work a bit, really tracing and fixing the color. But with this liner, it's just effortless. It glides across the lid so easily, you'd swear it was tracing the line by itself!

And the colors, oh, the colors. Choose from the following hues:

Molasses (glittery dark brown)
Miss Fortune (eggplant tinged with pink glitter)
Rave (glittery purple)
Spare Change (brown tinged with copper glitter)
Black Russian (black with navy blue glitter)
Wolf (grey tinged with gold glitter)
Bankroll (glittery dark green)
Fly-by-Blue (glittery light blue)

My favorite is definitely Rave. The deep violet hue is somehow subtle enough to appear almost black -- but at closer range, the sparkle-bedecked purple really stands out. And it looks amazing with shadows ranging from brown to black to grey to silver to green to ... well, you get the point.

Whichever shade you choose, you can be confident that your eyes will seriously pop with color and glimmer! M.A.C Pearlglide Eye Liner retails for $14.50 at

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