Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trend-Filled Thursdays: Twilight-Inspired Beauty Products

Okay, admit it. Are you as psyched to see Twilight this weekend as I am? I devoured the entire series -- even the unpublished fifth manuscript -- in less than two weeks, and come Friday night, I will be sitting up close and personal with my favorite vampire in the world, the one and only Edward Cullen. So it got me thinking, of course, about the products that could only have been inspired by the characters we've all come to know and love -- Edward, Bella, Rosalie, Alice and all the rest. Read on to find the products most suited to your vampire lifestyle.

Lipstick Queen Black Tie Optional Shine Hard Core Gloss ($22 at This gooey pot o' gloss seems pretty darn scary at first glance, I must admit. But after some serious playing around, I got it to actually look seriously amazing layered over pinks and reds. The trick is to use a light hand ... unless, of course, you're trying to appear undead, and then you should layer it on as thick as possible, of course!

Sarah Jessica Parker The Lovely Collection ($38-$58): Dawn. Endless. Twilight. Are you really telling me this trio of fragrances didn't take its cue directly from the popular series? The mix of florals launches on HSN in February, and you'd better believe I will be first in line to snatch up all three!

Fresh Twilight Freshface Glow ($36 at Want to dazzle like Edward in the meadow? (Side note: I can't wait to see how they show this on the big screen.) Then you'd better pick up a tube of this highlighter, which will make your skin sparkle and shine like the best vampire around.

Prescriptives Moonbeam Reflective Gloss ($17.50 each at Maybe the vampires in Twilight only come out during grey days or at night, but you'll totally want to come out during the sunny days too when you slick this highly shiny, shimmery, and yes, reflective gloss onto your pout! And with 13 wearable shades like Galaxy (sparkly beige), Neutron (peach flecked with silver shimmer), and even Eclipse (gold-flecked apricot), there's one for every self-respecting Twilight fanatic.

Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Twilight ($54 at I am totally jonesing for this palette, packed with shimmering blues and greys that really make your eyes stand out whether you've got pale vampire skin accented with dark circles or just really want to create the perfect smoky eye.

Gianna Rose Atelier Tresors des Mers Seashell Soaps in Apothecary Jar ($30 at Don't you think it's possible that Bella would have picked up some of these shells while walking along the shores of La Push with Jacob? The fact that they're scented with white honeysuckle and baby jasmine would certainly have appealed to her romantic side.

DuWop Ultimate Gift of Venom ($32 at So yeah, venom is bad. Like, it will kill you or turn you into a vampire. But we're betting this set of three venom-filled products -- the ever popular Lip Venom, newer Cheek Venom and breakout sensation Lash Venom will keep you feeling healthy, happy and plumped to the fullest!

Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick ($18 each at With names like Hellbent and Underage Red, it seems this lipstick could appeal directly to Rosalie -- my least fave character in the Cullen clan, but certainly the one who would appreciate wearing these the most. I love Underage Red, myself, since the bright crimson hue is enough to make your lips look like you just took out the throat of an unsuspecting deer for lunch.


  1. Am I a total dork for letting you know that I will be seeing this at midnight

  2. I'm sooo excited! I just got a free pair of tickets from my school for the midnight showing!!!! I might be a total dork, too, but WHO CARES!!! It's the Twilight movie!!!



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