Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lusts of the Week

Well, fellow beauty chicks, I was definitely in need of some fabulous Lusts of the Week recently. I’ve been suffering from pretty terrible migraines – the kind that keep me home for days on end trying to block out every inch of light and noise while my head feels like it’s going to explode – so honestly, it’s the simple things in life that make me happy. And you know that’s a fun beauty product or two! Check out the ones that have been getting me through the day.

Prescriptives, Magic by Prescriptives Illuminating Liquid Potion Translucent, makeup primer, luminizer, bronzer, makeup, Lusts of the Week, skin, skincare, skin care
Magic By Prescriptives Illuminating Liquid Potion in Translucent: Need to brighten up those eyes? I certainly did after not sleeping for a few days made me look like a raccoon. So I was psyched to discover this tube of gloriousness, which honestly made my dark circles disappear and gave my eyes a nice, subtle glow. It really is perfect for waking up tired eyes that you think are beyond repair!
Sadly, Prescriptives no longer exists. And my skin is sadder because of it.

Urban Decay, Urban Decay Brow Box Beige Betty, eyebrows, makeup, eye makeup, Lusts of the Week
Urban Decay Brow Box in Beige Betty: Talk about an all in one! This kit comes with two shades of brow color, a brow wax and the most adorable set of mini tweezers ever. Plus the design is gorgeous – an intricately emblazoned purple top opens to reveal the tweezers and brow powder, while a hidden drawer at the bottom pops open to show the wax! And let me tell you, this wax will keep your brows in place for days. Literally. It’s a true miracle worker!
This particular shade is no longer available, but find others for $29 each at

LAVANILA, LAVANILA The Healthy Body Butter Vanilla Coconut, lotion, body cream, Lusts of the Week
LAVANILA The Healthy Body Butter in Vanilla Coconut: Now, I'm normally not a fan of dessert-scented lotions and creams. Give me a body wash scented with chocolate, caramel or vanilla any day -- but leave the decadence out of my lotion, please! At least I felt this way until I came upon this absolutely heavenly body cream. It's just rich enough to make my knees weak, but not so much that I feel queasy and nauseous from too much dessert aroma surrounding me all day. And an added bonus? I've been told I smell amazing every time I wear it. Now that means it just paid for itself!
$25 at

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