Thursday, January 15, 2009

Recession, Smecession! These Three Spa Treatments Are Worth It!

Yes, I know we're in a recession. Yes, I know that means we should be saving money. But you know what? Once in awhile I still like to pamper myself. And the three spa treatments I'll keep getting even though we're in a recession? Why not read on to find out? (Hint: They're from Elemis, Sunpoint Spa and Joanna Vargas Skin Care.)

The 90-Minute Relaxation Massage at Sunpoint Spa
This might just be the best 90 minutes I've ever spent. And I've actually gone twice in the last month, so it's more like 180 minutes. This spa is a delightful haven nestled on the busy corner of 63rd Street and 1st Avenue in Manhattan -- just a stone's throw from this beauty chick's apartment, so how could I not check it out? While the treatment room is a bit small, it's very clean and well-kept, with soft music playing and a trickling water feature to add a bit of calmness to the atmosphere. And talk about melting your stress away! Even if I walk in with tons of tension in my neck and shoulders, they're like buttery putty when I leave. I've literally fallen asleep on the table both times -- and you can bet I'll be back before long!
$115 for 90 minutes. Head to for details.

The Oxygen Purifying Facial at Joanna Vargas Skin Care
Jennifer is a true miracle worker. She somehow has a way of making extractions feel like a day at the beach. Seriously -- I don't know how she does it, but they are so far from painful I actually look forward to getting them. The treatment starts with microdermabrasion, which I used to be deathly afraid of before letting Jennifer at my face with the apparatus. (It doesn't hurt in the slightest and actually has a nice massage feeling.) Not to mention this facial comes with so many masks, creams and scrubs -- and a lifting serum packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants -- you'll be exuding a radiant glow when you finally peel yourself off the table.
$250 for 90 minutes. Head to for details.

The Power Booster Facial at the Elemis SpaPod
A facial and massage in only 30 minutes? It can't be done, I thought to myself as I headed to the Elemis SpaPod at Bergdorf Goodman. Let me back up. Yes, there is a hidden oasis at the Elemis counter at BG -- a treatment room hidden behind the counter complete with a massage chair and a skilled aesthetician, Irene, who is equipped with every Elemis product under the sun to make your skin glow and gleam. I went with the Skin Radiance Facial, which involves a mask unique to the SpaPod that is rich in amino acids and vitamins to regenerate skin cells. While Irene smoothed tons of various creams, lotions and scrubs into my skin, I was treated to the most fabulous massage -- the chair does all sorts of rolling massage techniques and legs are given some pretty intense reflexology. The end result? I walked out with such gorgeous skin, I just knew I'd have to make another appointment soon. Hey, I can go on my lunch hour and be back before anyone even misses me!
$55 for 30 minutes. Call 212-872-2821 to make an appointment.

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