Monday, February 2, 2009

Must-Have Mondays: Laura Mercier Chocolate Truffle Creme Body Wash

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I love chocolate. I love a good body wash. So is it any wonder that I'm completely enamored of my newfound fave, Laura Mercier Chocolate Truffle Creme Body Wash? This stuff smells so delicious, I find it difficult not to just pour it down my throat in the shower every morning. (And yes, I know that would be a mistake.)

I honestly think this is like heaven in a bottle. The scent is rich, lush and utterly delectable -- it's filled with the aforementioned chocolate, along with a blend of almond, espresso, vanilla, sweet maple, honey and Frangelico. But a mix of rose and heliotrope give it a headiness that I haven't found in other decadent body washes, making it truly stand out in my shower.

Not to mention my skin is delightfully soft and silky smooth every time I lather up. I actually have found it less necessary to put on moisturizer after I step out of the shower each morning! And the scent lingers without becoming too heavy or cloying, so I can layer it with perfume and not overpower people that come too close.

Note: This product is no longer available.

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